delegate delegation

counterpart opposite number

sherpa summit

communique declaration

A government, party or other entity may be represented by one or more delegates. A group of delegates representing one side is a delegation.

When the representative of A has the same job or rank as the representative of В they are counterparts or opposite numbers.

Talks between heads of government or other very important representatives are summits, and the officials who prepare for them may be referred to as sherpas: see the example below.

The final statement made to journalists and others at the end of talks is a communique or declaration.

The Palestinians DELEGATES, OPPOSITE NUMBERS AND SHERPAS will give him a list of proposed delegates for a joint Jordanian-Palestinian delegation to the conference.

At lunch, the Premier toasted his Russian counterpart, telling him, "You are turning a new page of history by being here."

A team of veterinary experts are meeting their British oppo­site numbers at the Ministry of Agriculture's offices today to discuss the French ban on imports of British beef.

As is the way with these international gatherings, the decla­rations were largely drafted before the delegations arrived. Each country nominates one official who does much of the ground­work — sherpas DELEGATES, OPPOSITE NUMBERS AND SHERPAS, they're called, the traditional term for Himala­yan mountain guides, who assist their charges to a rather differ­ent kind of summit.

The discussions finally collapsed because of disagreement over the wording of the final communique.

§ 7. Supplementary Reader


atmosphere The atmosphere at talks is often de-

cordial scribed in communiques as cordial, and

atmosphere in other Ways mentioned in the exercise


agreement broad agreement

Communiques may talk of a frank ex­change of views and broad agreement on a number of issues.

exchange of Where there is still disagreement, corn-

views muniques may talk of DELEGATES, OPPOSITE NUMBERS AND SHERPAS deep differences

frank exchange of that remain. Differences may be de-
views scribed in other ways, again mentioned
in the exercise below.

differences deep differences narrowing

differences widening differences stumbling block

Commentators may talk of differences narrowing (getting smaller) or widening (getting bigger).

An obstacle to agreement is often de­scribed as a stumbling block.

They say although the two sides have reached broad agree­ment on a number of issues, deep differences remain over the timetable for peace and political change.

Mr Davidow said his two days of talks with the Angolan government had taken place in an exceedingly cordial and DELEGATES, OPPOSITE NUMBERS AND SHERPAS open atmosphere. There'd been a very frank exchange of views about the peace talks under way between the MPLA government and Unita rebels.

There's been no narrowing of differences on one of the main stumbling blocks, aircraft.

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Atmosphere and differences.Some of the adjectives below relate to the atmosphere at talks and others to differences be­tween sides at talks.

Complete them and say which describe l)the atmosphere and 2) the differences.

a fr__ ndly. e m_j._r ' b_s_n_ss-l_k_

b £_nstr_ct_v_ / £_i_x_d j DELEGATES, OPPOSITE NUMBERS AND SHERPAS E_s_t_y_

с s_gn_f_c_nt g f_nd_m_nt_l Hr_nk

d _Et_m_st_c h shrrj / sbstnt__ 1