Maintenance and minor repair tools


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7 Set of flat-bladed 6 Set of Torx keys or bits 11 Cable pressure oiler 16 Funnel and 21 Steel njle (A) and
screwdrivers 7 Pliers and self-locking 12 Feeler gauges measuring vessel straight-edge (B)
2 Set of Phillips head grips (Mole grips) 13 Spark plug gap 17 Strap wrench, chain 22 Continuity tester
screwdrivers a Adjustable spanner measuring and wrench or oil filter 23 Battery charger
3 Combination open-end 9 C-spanner (ideally adjusting tool removal tool 24 Hydrometer (for battery
& ring spanners adjustable type) 14 Spark plug spanner (A) 18 Oil drainer can or fray specific gravity check)
4 Socket set (3/8 inch m Tyre pressure gauge (A Maintenance and minor repair tools) or deep plug socket (B) 19 Pump type oil can 25 Anti-freeze tester (for
or 1/2 inch drive) & tread depth gauge (B) 15 Wire brush and 20 Grease gun liquid-cooled engines)
5 Set of Allen keys or bits emery paper

Repair and overhaul tools

Tools and Workshop Tips REF»3

1 Torque wrench 4 Vernier gauge 7 Selection of pullers 10 Wire crimper tool 13 Hose damp

(small and mid-ranges) 5 Grclip pliers (internal and 8 Breaker bars (A) 11 Multimeter (measures (wingnut type shown)

2 Conventional, plastic or external, or combination) and length of tubing (B) amps, volts and ohms) 14 Magnetic arm soft-faced hammers 6 Set of punches 9 Chain breaking/ 12 Stroboscope Maintenance and minor repair tools (for (telescopic type shown)

3 Impact driver set and cold chisels riveting tool dynamic timing checks) 15 One-man brake/clutch

Specialist tools

1 Micrometer 4 Cylinder 7 Plastigauge kit 10 Piston ring removal and 13 Stud extractor (external type) compression gauge 8 Valve spring compressor installation tool 14 Screw extractor set

2 Telescoping gauges or 5 Vacuum gauges (shown) (4-stroke engines) 11 Piston ring clamp 15 Bearing driver set small-hole gauges or manometer 9 Piston pin drawbolt tool 12 Cylinder bore hone

3 Dial gauge 6 Ol pressure gauge (stone type shown)

REF«4 Tools and Workshop Tips

1.3 This auxiliary stand attaches to the swingarm pivot

1 Workshop equipment and facilities

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